a month of thanks-for-giving. day seventeen.


I have soooooo many sweet memories. But one seems especially pertinent today.

In May I got to go to Italy with this fancy lady.


She is one of the dearest people in my whole world. My precious friend Jessie.

That’s her blog. Take your time over there – she’s a rockstar of epic proportions.

Such epic proportions that she got us published.

I know, right?!

She snapped some pictures of me in my wedding dress while we were prancing around Italy, and a blog about destination weddings found them and asked if they could feature us.

I’ve never really been asked to be featured before, so clearly we jumped at that opportunity.

Anyway. We were “featured” yesterday – right here.

So this is a lot of memories all in one. I’m thankful for my wedding memories, and my dress memories (which is a super neat story, I’ll have to share one day), and my Husband. I’m thankful for Italy and the memories made there, and for incredible pictures that capture the memories.

Mostly today though, I am thankful for this sweet friend.


She is  my gracious-to-a-fault friend, my call-in-a-panic friend, the one always available with chocolate and FRIENDS, a shopping buddy, a travel buddy, a talk-it-all-out buddy, the only person I trust to photograph my life…the dearest of friends. So thankful for ya!

What memories make you thankful?




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