“and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”

Hi. I’m Katie.

Blank pages tend to overwhelm me, because where does one start? (How did I ever start a blog? The irony is not lost on me.)

I’m the wife to a sweet man I call “Husband” (Yes, I actually call him that. That is hands down my most asked blog question.)

I have three little darling’s that call me “Momma”. (In all honestly, sometimes they just yell or cry, but I answer to that, too – and I consider it my greatest honor.)

I enjoy writing but dislike spell check and punctuation (my sincerest regrets to any English majors out there). I like to roll with it the way it came to me and usually the Lord has moved me onto something else when it’s time to spell check. (Again. How did I ever start a blog?) (That being said, I say things better than I write them. If you or your group are interested in having me come speak, you can contact me at kvkcovert@gmail.com.)

I love The Word. And words. And the way the words in The Word can pierce your heart in the most unexpected of ways.

A few fun facts: I think ice cream is merely a vehicle for sprinkles and I’ve never met a cupcake that I didn’t like. I take my water with a lime and I think coffee someone else prepared is one of life’s greatest luxuries. I’ve been called a “Tutu Guru” and it is one of my most favorite titles. I’m a bit fanatical about hockey (Okay, I’m a-lot-a-bit fanatical about hockey). Lastly, I think glitter-ness is close to Godliness. And I’m only half joking.

If you’re scratching your head over a grown woman who describes herself as a “tutu guru” that loves hockey and writes about her love for her Savior, I’ve probably painted a fairly accurate picture of myself. Hopefully you’ll stick around anyway.

I write from my sweet little home that is filled with some of the most talkative humans you ever did meet. So I consider this my quiet corner, where I can think and process and write the things I might otherwise say.

If you also need some quiet space, curl up and make yourself at home – there is plenty of room on this quiet little corner of the internet. I’m honored you’d decide to join me.

My prayer is that the Lord would meet you, and me, here in the quiet.



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One response to ““and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”

  1. I love your blog! Very insightful and inspirational. You are doing good things!

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