we should be on each other’s side.

Sister forwarded me an article a while back. An article that had gone viral.

It literally made me feel sick the words this woman used to describe other woman.

She laid into an entire group of women – pitting the single against the mothers.

Which really boils down to waging a war of words that puts moms and daughters on opposite sides of the battle. Sisters and against sisters. Friends against friends.

I literally felt ill. Because her words were so bitter. So bitter. Like words intended to kill, and I mean that as undramatically as possible, but with all-due seriousness.

But then I saw Fox News picked it up for debate.

And then Facebook banter abounded.

And what I said to Sister was: “The thing that gets me about this, is that this author is getting blog traffic over this.” (Hence. I am not posting the link here.)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion – I hold unswervingly to that conviction because I have enough opinions to last a lifetime.  And while I don’t often write about current events, something has been pounding in my heart since the moment I finished reading the title of the blog in question.

And it’s been pounding so loudly I couldn’t sleep tonight until I got it down in print.

We should be on each other’s side.

It is hard enough to be a woman without making a woman the enemy.

I don’t care if it’s harder to be a stay at home mom or harder to spend your day in the work place.  And  I don’t want to argue about who has it tougher and I don’t want to crucify the woman who is complaining the loudest – I want to be on her side.

I don’t want to look down on the woman whose life looks differently than mine.

I think life is hard enough without pointing fingers. I think life is hard enough without harassing the woman who’s grass we think is greener.

I don’t know when we turned each other into the enemy.

When we were little my mom used to say something to my brother, sister and will be forever etched deeply into the fabric of me. She’d say: “If you guys aren’t on each other’s side, who will be?”

While I don’t usually paint (or write) with broad strokes, I think my mom’s question applies to women on the whole. If women can’t stand up for women, who will? If we can’t be for each other, if we can’t champion for each other, who will?

I don’t mean this as “new-agey” as it probably sounds. I simply mean, can we agree to disagree but still get along.

Can we disagree without posting our opinion in an offensive manner? (Another post for another day would be, “Can we have an opinion without posting it on social media…?” ANWAY.)

Can we see it differently but dialogue in healthy way?

Can we feel strongly about the way we do it without attacking the person who does it differently?

Can we protect the heart of the person we may not see eye to eye with?

We should be for each other.

“He has told you O man what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to act justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with the Lord your God.” Micah 6:8


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  1. “Can we protect the heart of the person we may not see eye to eye with?”
    What a beautiful turn of phrase. A play on Jesus’ concern with our hearts and not the letter of the law. I’m glad I don’t even know what this post is in response to. I’m more so glad that you are using your ink to say beautiful, encouraging things. Things that convict in order to build up and support and unite. Thank you, Sister. The world needs more Sisters like you!

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