so thankful. #27.


photo-12I know. That is undoubtedly the worst picture I have ever posted, but bear with me. It gets good.

Husband and I host a men’s Bible Study on Monday nights. We cook, they come, devour, study the word together, and then leave. Usually.

However, this week, something unexpected must have gone down, as Tuesday morning when I returned to the lower level of my house I stumbled upon that pair of men’s pants that do not belong to Husband and were not there prior to Bible Study.

So many things about this perplex me. 1) It was COLD. That poor pants-less gentleman. 2) What type of Bible study involves losing your pants?  3) I know full well that the loss of pants has never happened at my ladies Bible study. Never, in all the years I have studied the word of God with women have we ever arrived in pants and left without them. NEVER. 4) I’m almost too afraid to ask about the pants. So I left them where they lay and have not said a peep to Husband about the situation. Hence, the picture of the pants.

So. If these pants belong to you, they are where you left them. And please know, I am terribly thankful for situations like this, that send me into fits of giggles and add a little sparkle and pizazz to my Tuesday routine of laundry of dishes.

And I’m thankful for the men that make themselves that comfortable in my home on Monday night. I’m thankful for men who study the Word of God together, who break bread together, and who push one another towards Christ.

“Laugh til it hurts.” {Toby Keith}



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