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I’m thankful for two date nights in two weeks with this handsome fellow. I’m thankful for Hot Spot Hot Pot – and that even though we left smelling like fish, we left stuffed.  (Thank you Jessica Smith Photography for the gorgeous photo.)


photo 2-4

I got a sweet little reminder yesterday how special a home baked cookie is. In world where time is money, I am thankful for home baked cookies – the people that take the time to make them, and how you can all but taste the love baked into them.


photo 1-4

I’m thankful for leftover hydrangea’s in my yard. For the perfect dried-out-golden-brown that they turned. And for how festive they look in a mason jar on dining room table.

“In the middle of it all / when I thought You were a thousand miles away / not for a moment / did You forsake me / after all You are constant / after all You are only good / after all You are sovereign / not for a moment / will You forsake me.” {Meredith Andrews}



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