was and is.

The other day a friend was explaining to me how her friend had been involved in an accident.

After a brief summary of the events, she said, “The Lord was gracious and no one was injured.”

I sat in that for moment. Turning the words over in my mind. Something about it sat funny with me. Not that she was wrong – she was terribly correct.

But it’s also correct that the Lord wouldn’t have been any less gracious if someone was injured. His character is not determined or defined by our circumstances.

His graciousness is not determined by whether or not we are direct recipients of it in a given instance.

The Lord is just as gracious when I’m hurting as He is when I’m rejoicing.

I think it’s easy to rejoice in His graciousness when we are sitting in it (uninjured), it is harder to rejoice in it when we’re hurting.

Honestly, it can be maddening to acknowledge His graciousness when we’re not feeling it as part of our present landscape – when we prayed for His grace to mark our present circumstances and He didn’t come through the way we prayed He would.

A dear friend shared this with me the other day: “The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” Flannery O’Connor.

“The Lord is gracious and merciful.” Psalm 145:8

He IS gracious and merciful.

Not, ‘He was’. Not, ‘He is sometimes’. Not, ‘He is on occasion’. Not, ‘He is when He feels like it’.

He IS gracious. All the time. No matter what.

When it is maddening, when it’s difficult to stomach, when our circumstances seem to scream to the contrary…our Lord is gracious.

His gracious character marks everything He does – whether we see it or not.

The Lord was gracious in protecting, and He is just as gracious when He doesn’t.




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