tucked in.

December 26th I pressed my nose to the window while sleep was still lingering in my eyes to see this….


And it was like the Lord whispered this, “(I) hem (you) in — behind and before; and (I) have laid (My) hand upon (you).” Psalm 139:5 

I always wrestle with December 26th – the behind side of Christmas.

Leading up to Christmas, I live and thrive off the expectation, and beautiful expectancy of all that is to come. But when Christmas is over it’s a quick, sure letdown.

Like I can finally breathe out but there is little to take in.

But maybe to no one else, but at least to me, I felt like the snow was the Lord’s way of tucking me in and reminding me that He’s still there on the back side.

Hemming us in.

He’s at the forefront and on the flip side. Laying His hands upon us. Holding us in.

He’s at the tail end and He’s still there at the bitter end, hemming us in before and behind.




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