thank-full pictures. day twenty one.


I think technically, today’s thankful picture is supposed to be a “place to sleep”, which eeks me out a little.

So allow me to explain and set up my picture (which was taken by the fabulous Jessie Smith).

One night, years ago, when Husband was still “Boyfriend”, he was driving us home late one night, and he wanted me to fall asleep. He played this song, and it instantly lulled me to sleep. It became a lullaby of sorts, and a favorite song of all time.

(If you haven’t heard it, I’d check it out here)

So when we were picking songs for my wedding, it was paramount that this song be played. We recruited my brother to play it.

So, this isn’t a picture of where I sleep. Or of me sleeping. (Thank goodness!) But it’s a frozen moment of my most favorite lullaby.

I’m thankful that Husband introduced me to this song. I’m thankful for my brother’s musical gifts. I’m thankful the Lord put it on someone’s heart to pen such soothing lyrics. I’m thankful for songs that speak to our hearts and souls and calm our innermost places.

What lullabies are you thankful for?




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