thankful-pictures. day thirteen.

Written words.

This hangs across the wall when you walk into my home.

I wrote the words. So this thankful-picture might be sort of self serving, but presently it is my favorite hand-written reminder.

I’m quite taken with that little reminder. As it turns out, most people that walk into my home are as well.

The wood was taken from an old barn and was used as a table at my wedding. And then I painted on it in the middle of one night.

And now it is bolted to the wall as a constant reminder of the God who is Love. Of the Love that wins and reigns. Of the Love that dominates our home and permeates every interaction.

And so that we never forget that we are never outside of the love of Christ. We are never lost from it. We are never separated from it.

His Love applies to us, always.

You are loved. Always.



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