a month of thanksgiving. day ten.


I got to go on an adventure today with my favorite in-laws. We went down to Newport News and visited all my favorite college spots. Saw my old house and my old apartment. My old Starbucks. My old Krispy Kreme. The SPCA I visited like they paid me. I ran into an old, incredibly dear friend. We saw it all. It felt like going home…it was a good feeling.

We took a detour to this little stretch of beach on the James River that I used to love, and that I walked past most mornings after I moved off campus.

I used to sit on this beach with friends and talk out life. I’d sit here on my phone and catch up with someone far away. I’d sit here alone and talk with myself. Or hold court with the Lord. Sing praise to the Lord. Process with the Lord. Yell it out with the Lord. It was a sacred spot.


I’m thankful for spots like this. Quiet spots. Sacred spots.

Places where time can stand still, and our hearts and minds have a moment to process and re-group.

Holy ground.


Where you’re small next to the magnitude of the tree, and tiny compared to the breadth of the river, and it causes your perspective to shift, which gives you the strength to get up and face life again.

I’m so thankful for places like that.

What spots in nature are safe havens for you?





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