a month of thanksgiving. day eight.

Favorite color.

Ah. COLOR. I love color. In large doses. Huge doses. Room size doses.

Every room in my house is a different vibrant shade. Most people would probably say “it’s too much.” And it probably is. That’s what I love about it.

I don’t have pictures today. But my kitchen is the blue of Dawn Dish Soap. And my office is Tiffany Blue. My bathroom is a shade of pink that Disney dreamed up but that Barbie has borrowed for most of her outfits. I think it’s technically called, “True Love’s Kiss” or something…are you imagining this color?

The main room of our house is this warm, comfy yellow, and we have overstuffed bright red couches. There is this huge rug in that room with flowers of every color dancing and weaving across a black background.

Do you have a headache just imaging it? Maybe it’s good I’m not posting pictures.

I love it. I love color. Larger than life color. It makes my home feel more home-y to me. And I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for a Husband who lets me paint rooms bold colors. I’m thankful for color that can transfer an open space into a warm home.

So thankful.

What colors make you thankful?




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