5 things i’ve learned.

Here are some practical life things I’ve learned or am in the process of learning. Hopefully you can learn from my experience.

1) Quitting a bank is harder than the worst, most complicated breakup you’ve ever heard of. It’s like the ex-boyfriend that refuses to acknowledge he’s your ex and spends months trying to persuade you that you’ll never do better than him.

Dear Bank,

I’m not leaving you blindly. I’ve considered my options and decided you’re the worst. I wish you the best. I won’t keep in touch.


A former customer. (Emphasis on former).

2) How to cook Tilapia.

Step one: Go to Pinterest. You can cook anything after a few minutes on Pinterest.

Step two: Do what Pinterest says. Its a sinch.

 3) If a plant in your garden looks like it’s dying, or downright dead, don’t give up. A little water, possibly some coffee or coffee grounds, prayer, and staring at it willing it to live just might bring it out of it’s vegetative state.
4) C Bear  taught me that if your lifelong goal is to meet Dolly Parton (and by lifelong, I mean summer-long), then shoot for the moon baby, miracles happen.
5) My finger nails survive without a manicure. It seemed a little questionable for a while. But fear not, they are living to tell their month-long colorless tale.
What practical life skills have you been learning?

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