top ten.

1) I have the amazing blessing of working with three interns this summer. We’ll call them My Favorite #1, My Favorite #2 and My Favorite #3 (in no particular order). If I knew interns were this great, I’d have had them all year long. They are fun, they are funny – and the best part? They think I’m funny! I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to find me funny.

2) C Bear met Dolly Parton. So I vicariously met Dolly Parton. And I vicariously told her that I think that her version of “I Will Always Love You” is the type of song that changes someones life. Except that C Bear forgot to tell her all that and just said “Hi.” Whoops. But she did get a picture with Dolly, which means I’ll soon be photoshopping myself in a picture with her. Because that is what you do when you meet someone vicariously.

3) This snuggle pumpkin has been staying with Husband and I for a little bit. I could do a top ten post on that experience alone – she’s been so fun!

4) I have three hydrangea bushes that have had a rough year. (Probably because I relocated them about a dozen times…) Anyway, they have been lush with greenery, but no flowers. And then. Today. Miracle of all miracles. I saw buds. Tiny, glorious, life-affirming buds. I could have wept from the glory of it all.

5) This lady is my great-great-great-great-someone (Aunt? Cousin? I lose track after so many Greats). I always knew about her, but I did not know she had a youtube video. If you have a few minutes, you should check it out.

6) I have a new favorite side dish. I call them Easy-Peasy-Yummy-in-my-Tummy Potatoes. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut small potatoes in half (I use russet potatoes). Melt 1/4 cup of butter and pour it in the bottom of a 9″x13″ pan. Make sure it has been spread evenly. Then sprinkle some garlic powder, some onion powder, some salt, some pepper, and plenty of grated parmesan cheese in the melted butter. Put the potatoes face down in the seasoned butter yumminess and cook for 40-45 minutes. Serve them with sour cream. You will absolutely melt from the deliciousness of it all.

7) I have prayed for about a year that my life would be marked by what I have heard others call “The Ministry of Availability.” That is, the availability to minister when and where someone is in need of someone who is available. Only recently have I begun to see the fruit of the “Ministry of Availability.” Only recently have I begun to understand what a blessing the “Ministry of Availability” is, not necessarily to others, but to me. I am thankful that on occasion, I have the foresight (or the lack of sight? Possibly just the guts? Or the lack of common sense?) to pray for things I don’t completely understand. I am thankful that sometimes I pray for things when I have absolutely no idea what I am actually praying for. And that in the midst of all my cluelessness, the Lord is faithful.

8) “Grace means that in the middle of our struggle the referee blows the whistle and announces the end of the game. We are declared winners, and sent to the showers. It’s over for all huffing, puffing piety to earn God’s favor; it’s finished for all sweat soaked straining to secure self-worth; it’s the end of all competitive scrambling to get ahead of other’s in the game. Grace means that God is on our side and thus we are the victors regardless of how well we have played the game. We might as well head for the showers and champagne celebration.” Donald McCullough

9) This is Jessie’s video of our trip to Italy. I blame it on extreme sleep deprivation and too much gelato. AND a friend that I have entirely too much fun with.

10) Fireflies.

Happy first day of Summer.




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