Italy day 5. david’s backside and integrity.

I had the amazing blessing and privilege of traveling to Italy with my dear friend Jessie and her family. Here are my Italy memoirs. As they happened. With only some points embellished to keep life interesting. All of the characters are real, so if they resemble someone you know, it’s probably them. 

I saw Florence.

And David. Michelangelo’s David, that is. There are lots of things I didn’t know about David. For example, it’s supposed to be of him the moment before he killed Goliath. That is why is hand is curled – he’s holding the rock he used to kill him. That is why there is a sling shot over his shoulder (which looks nothing like a modern day sling shot which might be why I never picked up on that). You can see the veins popping in his neck and in the forearm of the arm holding the rock, because it would have been strained under the weight.

When Michelangelo was done sculpting David, it took them 7 days to move him to the location he was built for which was only a few blocks away – he is that heavy. Similarly, the building David is in now, was never intended to hold him long term. He was just supposed to be there for a short time for a festival or something. But they underestimated how big David was and the effort it takes to move him – apparently, if they want to move David they will literally have to tear down the building he is in because he is bigger than the marble door.

I knew we were going to see David’s butt, because everywhere we went Italians asked us if we were ready for that. I am not sure if they all like his butt, or if “butt” is one of the only English anatomy words they know… Regardless, it is interesting because currently David is on display in a rotunda with the intention that everyone walk around and take him in from all sides. BUT, when he was built he was made for a Piazza where his back would be toward a wall. Essentially, Michelangelo spent all that time perfecting David’s backside even though it was not intended that anyone would ever see that side of him.

That is remarkable to me. This may sound similar to my day 4 revelation, but something else struck a chord in me about this: the integrity.

That dedication to a completed project blows me away.

The integrity of working hard all the way around, refusing to cut corners, even if no one would see the fully completed project.

I want my work to be marked by that. Integrity. If for no one else but the God who sees.




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