hype girl.

I have had a lot of time recently  to ponder a lot of things.

(Did you like my excessive use of “a lot”?)

One of the things I have been pondering frequently is ministry because that is what I frequently spend my time doing.

Today’s post might make sense to no one but me, but thats okay because I feel this needs to be said. In all my pondering, I have become very grateful for safe places in public ministry. If you understand what I mean when I type that, then this post is for you.

In order to be able to really do ministry with someone, you have to trust them, and know their heart, with a depth that is so rare and rich that you probably only come by it once every 25 years. At least I’ve only come by it once in my 24 year and three-quarter years, but maybe the next quarter of a year will surprise me.

I don’t mean just serve alongside someone, you can serve alongside anyone as long as you choose to love. I’m talking about the time of “doing ministry” where you sense the others heartbeat before it pounds. The person in your life who you can see the redemption of Christ swimming in their soul and oozing out their pores because you speak some language only you two really understand.

Kinda like a ministry soul mate I suppose. And yet nothing like that at all.


I have had the amazing blessing and privilege of serving alongside so many people that I am incredibly grateful for. Men and women who know and love the Lord with all they’ve got. Men and women who inspire and challenge me. Men and women who have been the better part of my team.

But in all my ponderings, I have come to recognize that one person stands out from the rest in the way the Lord beats through our veins. It is not because we are similar, goodness knows it is NOT because we are similar. As silly  as it sounds, I think it because she is the only person I trust when she tells me I am being ridiculous.

This particular person recently had a birthday. She also endures me calling her a nickname that she hates (but secretly loves it), and for better or worse, she recently agreed to be my hype girl if I ever take my soothing voice on the road.

She put her money where her mouth is when she bribed someone to drive her through the mountains to be my hype girl next weekend when I risk life, limb and dignity to present the gospel to a few hundred middle school kids.

I think that it is significant that everyone has a safe place in ministry. Someone who knows your heart well enough to tell you when you’re being ridiculous, and more significantly, when they say it, you believe them.

Someone that you can send a set of messages too and say “This is what I think the Lord has laid on my heart, where am I missing Him?” And she can take the words you have poured your heart and soul into and discern what the Lord is trying to communicate through you.

What I am trying to say is that, I am very thankful for you, Belated Birthday Girl. And I  am thankful for your patience with me. And your willingness to tell me I am ridiculous.

I am also trying to say that if I ever get to speak at your wedding, this might be what I say. Except I’ll throw in a few embarrassing stories.

Love you dearly Boo Bear.




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