smoldering ashes of promise that once reigned.

Discouraging. Discouraged. Downtrodden. Devastated.

I don’t know if the whole world has felt this way, but my whole world has felt this way.

It seems like everywhere I look something is falling apart, something has turn a turn for the worst, someone’s life is in shambles, something has lost hope.

People lying. Churches falling apart. Drug use wrecking homes and lives. Remnants and scars from abuse. Godly people doing ungodly things. Rumors and lies being spread about good people. Reputations at stake. Job loss. Loss in general.

A friend described what I’m observing quite eloquently: I am looking around and seeing the Lord remove His hand of protection, His hand of blessing from the lives of all these people that I love. I can’t help but wonder what is going on.

Can I get an amen from anyone?

God is perfect and just. And completely hopeful all at the same time. And although there are moments in my heart where I question what He is doing, I believe in His sovereignty to the core of my being.

That being said, in less eloquent terms, here is what I see: In my life, and in the lives of those around me, there is a recent theme of death, doom and destruction, and I want God to bend the rules in favor of restoration on my terms.

I want to see hope springing up in the places where I see smoldering ashes of the promise that once reigned.

I want to sense God’s redemptive hand swooping in to save the day, instead of watching it remove itself.

I want favor and promise and hope bubbling up in such obvious ways that you can’t help but get swept up in the lush sanguine feeling of it all.

Sara Groves has a song called In the Girl There’s a Room, with a line that says “Hope stands in defiance.” And that has become my prayer, that somewhere, against all odds, I would see hope standing in defiance. That hope would buck up against the storm of discouragement reigning down in such an obvious way that I can’t help but notice.

The Lord always surprises me with His answers to my outlandish prayers.

I was taking a walk with my tiny buddy Eva the other day, and as we passed a garden, I noticed a flower bud.

In the dead of winter, on a freezing February day, an itty bitty flower bud had relished enough warmth when it was available, and soaked up enough sunshine, to bloom into a bud.

There it was. Hope standing in defiance.

Here’s to praying that in your life, hope is standing in defiance.




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  1. Erin

    read this today and thought of this blog post …

    “Mostly, I have three prayers. I imagine them as huge signs – billboard sized signs – that I hold up toward the sky throughout the day, in hopes God’ll see them. The first sign says: HELP! The second says: THANK YOU! And the third says: WTF?????”

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