christmas at the coverts.

I have recently realized that I am not good at cutting oranges. I can never manage to cut them so they are slices. They always end up all squirty and in chunks. Apples are so easy to cut so they are in nice slices. Oranges…not so much.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything. But in light of all the time I waste on Pinterest, I thought I’d share some snapshots of life at the Coverts (courtesy of Instagram).

Merry Christmas!

We invited OV over for the Holiday season.

Oh wait. That is the concert spirit, not the Christmas spirit. Whoops!

One of my all time favorite movies.

This is the FIRST Christmas card we’ve gotten! And its from C BEAR! It’s displayed proudly on the fridge in all its tacky sweater glory! Moral of the story – please send us Christmas cards!

Merry Christmas : o)



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  1. Lou Von Kahle

    :-O where did Claire get THAT sweater ? love, Dad

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