this morning.

This morning was sunny and cold. And my coffee was strong and delicious.

The tree was all lit up and the dogs were in the Christmas spirit (just trust me on this one).

Sometimes I think we get a little sliver of heaven when we least deserve it. At least I do.

I was sitting on the floor putting socks on, hair dripping wet, singing loudly with Rihanna and squirming around as if I were dancing. “We Found Love” was blaring loud enough that I am surprised we didn’t get complaints from the neighbors. Boyfriend was peering at me through the mirror as he shaved, with a look on his face that was both pleased and confused. (Apparently, prior to marrying me, he didn’t wake himself up by turning the music up and signing and dancing. I have no idea why not, it is a great way to get your engine going in the morning.)

Boyfriend was talking about getting us more coffee, and we were discussing our plans for the day, and I became convinced that I am the most blessed little lady in the world.

As I finished putting my socks on, I smiled to myself. There are so few moments in life where everything feels perfect. Simple and still and happy. A moment that feels untouchable, as if no bad thing could touch it.

One of those moments that make you want to hold your breath, so the perfect moment won’t pass before you have time to breathe it in.

I’m not quite sure how the Bible describes or explains those moments, I haven’t found a verse that quite captures the emotion or the logistics or it. But I think that might be the point. There are no words to describe heaven, that is the glorious mystery of it all. We know there will be no more tears, that pain will cease, that we will be found in the presence of the Lord.

But the emotion of it, how could words capture it? I think sometimes we get tiny slivers of the that emotion – that perfect, hopeful, restful, safe space that we experience only for moments at a time.

I think sometimes we just get little reminders that it’s not over yet. That it doesn’t end here. That the pain and hardship and struggle we experience in life won’t be where life ends. I think sometimes God knows we need a little reminder about what is in store for those who love Him.

(Please note, that I am not saying “We Found Love” will be playing in heaven. I am merely commenting on emotions.)

I find that those moments hit when I least expect it, but rather when I most need it.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8




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