top ten.

1.) Listen and be amazed. Let it lull you to sleep with the gorgeous harmonies.

2.) Pete and C Bear were home for a few days. Claire and I went shopping, we had lunch with Aunt Marnie, we all went to Ikea…it was fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

3.) Generosity in unexpected places. My Body & Soul ladies (aka the lovely ladies that I work out with a couple times a week) threw me a surprise Bridal Shower. I was blown away by the love and generosity…they were just too sweet for words. Random gifts from people I love, favors from generous men in my life… I am a blessed little lady.

4.) By His light I walked through darkness. Job 29:3

5.) Our armoire. Me and Boyfriends, that is. “Ours”. That has a nice ring to it. I found the most gorgeous armoire I’ve ever seen in my life on Craigslist the other day, listed at the cheapest price I have ever seen…it is beautiful. In real life we never would have been able to afford it, but sometimes the Lord works out mini miracles. In addition to the armoire, we got a free can of walnut wood stain, and garden supplies. It was quite the find.

6.) These gloriously cool mornings have given me time to walk M&M while the sun is still climbing to its rightful place in the sky. It’s good time to think, and breathe in fresh air, and pray silent prayers.

7.) I finally figured out my wedding flowers. Phew and woohoo…and Hallelujah. I love flowers, but it turns out I am not that great at narrowing them down to a bouquet. But after flipping through every wedding bouquet picture Google Images had to offer,  and with a lot of patience from my florist, we finally have some gorgeous bouquets in the works.

8.) Pintrest. I really really really tried to not like Pintrest. I just never went to the website for fear of getting hooked. But I am officially a Pintrest devotee. Who knew you could get so many ideas?! Its like Google Images, but with class…and great commentaries. Case in point, I saw this today: “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?”

9.) So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Matthew 10:31

10.) M & M went tubing. They let Boyfriend and I tag along.

Whats top ten worthy in your life?









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